Take Control of Hormone Havoc


Balance your hormones naturally and make “the Change” a smooth transition with simple natural alternatives. 

If you wake up from another night of tossing and turning, with your heart pounding and your sheets soaking wet, and spend all day feeling anxious, tired, and irritable, you may be in the throes of hormone havoc. 

It’s easy to recognize “the Change” when it starts with irregular monthly cycles and hot flashes, but when it’s mood swings, weight gain, fatigue, and sleep changes, you – and your doctor – may just think you’re under too much stress and that sleeping pills and antidepressants are the solution.

When your hormones are in harmony, your skin glows, your energy abounds, your sleep is satisfying, your moods are on an even keel, and your weight stays steady. This may sound like a pipe dream, but I assure you it’s possible! 

I’ve helped countless women navigate perimenopause and menopause with the simple, natural hormone balancing found in my New York Times bestselling book, Before the Change, and in this blog, I’m sharing with you my most successful methods to make menopause less miserable.

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