My Simple Summer Hacks to Flush Away Fat Fast


Let’s be honest. When it comes to healthy eating, nobody is perfect. Plans change, things come up… life happens! We’ve all been there, on day 2 of a new diet, and something unexpected happens and we are left with two choices: starve, or cheat.

Because I know this predicament all too well, I’ve built a safety feature into my Fat Flush plans. With the Fat Flush Kit, you’ve already got all your bases covered! First things first, all of your nutrient needs will be met with a super-charged multivitamin specifically designed to support weight loss.

Cravings are reduced by a proprietary blend of Oregon grape root, 400 mcg of chromium, and essential fatty acids—the stars of stabilizing blood sugar levels. Oregon grape root contains berberine, which helps with insulin sensitivity. Berberine also stimulates the production of brown fat, the body’s most metabolically active fat, so you can supercharge calorie burn. Detox is enhanced and supported by dandelion root, turmeric, and just the right dose of milk thistle (too many can cause a reaction for some individuals).

In addition, 360 mg of Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) from black currant seed oil, and 500 mg of L-carnitine keep your metabolism pumped up. Both of these nutrients mobilize body fat from fat stores, helping to keep your tummy flat and provide ready energy that gets you through your busy day. GLA even protects your skin from embarrassing flare-ups of eczema and psoriasis that can occur from eating off-plan foods to which you are sensitive. And if joint inflammation and stiffness have got you down, don’t grab a sweet treat—reach for GLA to reduce pain and swelling and get you moving once again!

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