How to Pick a Watermelon

We are a huge watermelon loving family and I used to just leave it up to chance when trying to pick a ripe one. Then I spent a little time learning that there are actually tips for how to pick a watermelon. Who knew?!? Sharing our tips below for picking a good one.

Picking the Best Watermelon

how to pick a watermelon for best flavor

The next time you are at the store, use these tips to help you pick the best watermelon.

  • Uniform in Size & Heavy
    • You want a heavy, round watermelon to ensure it’s sweet
    • An oval or elongated watermelon will be more watery
  • Color
    • A dark, dull watermelon will be more ripe
    • You don’t want a shiny watermleon
  • Field Spot
    • The “field spot” on the top of the watermelon should be orange in color if you want it to be full of flavor
    • A white field spot will have little taste
  • Webbing
    • larger webbing will equal a sweeter melon
    • small webbing is more likely to be bland

Our Favorite Watermelon Recipes

Besides just eating it all on it’s own, here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy summer watermelon.

I think this How to Cut Watermelon Sticks tutorial from Create Kids Club is such a fun way to slice up the fruit for summer.

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Last modified: June 22, 2022

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