Gallbladder Removed? Here’s What They Didn’t Tell You


High fat diets (think Paleo or Keto) are all the rage, but if you’re missing your gallbladder, those weight loss programs can especially be a recipe for disaster. And that’s not the only issue—if the gallbladder you still have is sluggish, full of gallstones or otherwise congested, you’re also at risk.

Like most people, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about your gallbladder or how it relates to your metabolic health. We go along in our busy lives blissfully unaware of the hard work this organ is doing on our behalf . . . all day, every day. Many experts talk about the importance of the liver, and write volumes about toxicity, without giving the gallbladder—or bile—so much as a passing nod. And interestingly enough, if your thyroid is slowing down, then—amazingly—your gallbladder may be the culprit here, too.

In this blog, I’ve compiled my best content on this topic that connects the dots between the gallbladder and liver, bile, metabolism, weight gain, and hormone dysfunction.

You’ll learn the radical importance of your gallbladder, no matter what you’ve been told. Plus, I’ll teach you how to know if your bile is toxic and congested, and the best fixes for building healthy bile, even if you no longer have a gallbladder! Let’s get started…

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