Chic: How is it defined today?

Chic: How is it defined today?

Happy Thursday, friends!  Welcome to a discussion about the word CHIC: How it is defined today?

It seems as though lately all types of words are being tweaked and revised with traditional definitions.

Since, I am a connoisseur of words, I am a little concerned about changing meanings.

The word chic has traditionally been associated with style and elegance. 

But, have we reached a point where we even see elegance differently from the younger generation.

Or is the definition of the word chic eternal…classic.

Do you see chic when you look at the mannequin in the checked jacket?

Would love to hear your thoughts!


Chic: How is it defined today?

Now, this outfit above is not so bad, however, it was the lead outfit in an email from H & M under the subject line: LET’S BRING BACK WORKWEAR CHIC.

Does this outfit say workwear chic to you? How do you think they define CHIC?

Under that picture were several looks the brand was promoting…none that said workwear chic to me…here are two of them….

Chic: how is it defined today?

Chic: How is it defined today?

Now, I completely understand that H & M’s target audience is composed of younger women, but still do these outfits say workwear chic?

Better yet…how do you think they define chic today?  By these styles,  I believe they see something different from past definitions.

When I was younger, I wish someone…anyone…had asked me to think about the messages my choice of clothing sent to others.

Since I began focusing on what my clothing says about me…everything changed.

Women have come so far in the workplace and earned a new respect.  I fear wearing looks like these last two send messages far from that.

That clothing can be fun in certain places outside of work…but the email promoted workwear chic!

I personally think the clothing in the work place should say…I am confident…I am strong…I am intelligent….at least at its core.

However, I should tell you the the new definition of the word DEFINITION IS:

“a fluid statement of the meaning of a word, phrase or other set of symbols. Definitions cannot easily be set into categories as meanings evolve to meet needs of societal change.”

So, I ask you, my friends…..

Has the definition changed that much? How do you define CHIC?  Do you think society demands a new definition?

Or are looks like these better for workwear chic for younger women…how should we counsel them If they ask….


Chic: how is it defined today

And, here is one more thought…have we overused the word, chic, in so much advertising and fashion magazines that it has lost its original power to say elegant, classy, style.

By the way….Parisian Chic is one of my favorite books…taught me so much years ago. 

Ok, ladies…the floor is yours…I am open to hearing what you have to say….Chic: How is it defined today?  or how do you believe it should be defined?


By Pamela Lutrell

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Chic: How is it defined today?

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