40 Cute Nicknames to Call Your Girlfriend

cute nicknames for your girlfriend

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Everyone has different opinions and preferences when it comes to romance. Some people get icked out by the gushy stuff, opting instead for a spirited punch on the arm like you’re teammates on a high school soccer team. Others are all in on the baby talk, the cuddles, and the PDA, taking every opportunity to share their affection. But no matter where on the romantic spectrum you fall, it’s always fun to brainstorm some cute nicknames for each other, whether they’re silly, heartfelt, or just plain weird.

When it comes to cute nicknames for your girlfriend or lover, the “one woman’s trash” principle definitely applies. What one person thinks is cute might make another person gag. Treasure? Trash? Who can tell! And that’s fine. Whatever makes your partner beam the widest is all that matters.

The nickname phase of a relationship is a delight: By now, you know each other well enough and have spent enough time calling each other by your real names (boring!) that it’s high time you got a little creative with your titles. Some of the best nicknames for your partner come up spontaneously, when you’re sharing a beloved activity together or having a goofy, irreverent chat. Sometimes they’re inspired by your partner’s favorite things, like her favorite snacks, movies, books, colors, or flowers. Sometimes inspiration strikes you on a whim, when she gives you a certain look or does something that melts your heart with its cuteness. And sometimes, when nothing’s coming to you but you’re feeling ready to graduate to nickname status, you turn to the internet for ideas. (Put me in, coach!)

Below, find the perfect cute nickname for your adoring girlfriend or lover—whether she’s a foodie, a plant-enthusiast, a pop culture queen, or just the cutest little chicken you ever did see.

Food-related nicknames

  1. Her favorite cheese. Is she a gouda gobbler? A feta fiend? A cheddar chomper? Whatever cheese she reaches for will make for an adorable nickname. Or you could go the weird route and call her something like “sweet cheese” if she’s into that, too.
  2. Kiwi. Has there ever been a cuter fruit? I don’t think so.
  3. Corn muffin. Any kind of muffin will do, but there’s something about a corn muffin that’s just so cozy and homey. Slather her up in some butter and you’ve got yourself a delicious treat!
  4. Honey pie. Again, any kind of pie will work here, but “honey pie” is extra sweet. Swap in “honey cakes” when you’re feeling a little more… saucy.
  5. Pancake/Waffle. Someone’s having breakfast for dinner tonight!
  6. Jellybean. Who doesn’t love a little sugar every now and then?
  7. Butterbean. “Bean” is just kind of an adorable word, is it not?
  8. Honeydew. Because “Melon” doesn’t have much of a ring to it.
  9. Banana. She doesn’t even have to be named Hannah for this cute nickname to work!
  10. Strawberry shortcake. This dessert is pure bliss, just like being with your GF. Extra points if she’s actually short, I guess?

    Animal-related nicknames

    1. Bunny. Bunnies are cute and so is your GF!
    2. Kitten. Rawr, tiger.
    3. Pup or Puppy. Only use if she’s been a very good girl. *wink wink*
    4. Chicken. Chick” is sexist. “Chicken”? Now that’s just adorable.
    5. Bear. There are lots of variations on the bear nickname, but sometimes straight up “Bear” works on its own!
    6. Bug. She’s cute as a bug.
    7. Ladybug. For when she’s a dainty lil bug.
    8. Angelfish. Ever notice how kissy faces and fishy faces are awfully similar?
    9. Monkey. She’s cute, she’s silly, she loves to pick fleas out of your hair. She’s your monkey and you love her for it.
    10. Lion cub. But only if she’s feisty.

      Plant-related nicknames

      1. Buttercup. An absolute classic. This one doubles as a Princess Bride reference, too!
      2. Sweet Pea. Delicate, tasteful; you can’t go wrong with this one.
      3. Prickly Pear. One of the world’s cutest cacti, by far. But watch out! She bites!
      4. Daffodil.There are so many variations you could make on this one, like “Daff,” “Daffy,” or “Dill.”
      5. Tulip. For your cute little Dutch queen.
      6. Poppy. Vibrant and iconic!
      7. Petunia. Yes, this is the name of John Mulaney’s French bulldog, but it can also be the name you call your sweet GF when you wake up and kiss her on the nose in the morning.
      8. Ferny. IDK, this one’s just cute. Who doesn’t love a fern?
      9. Lily. Unless her name is already Lily, in which case, pick some other beautiful, fragrant flower.
      10. Fiddle Leaf. If she’s a plant mom, she’ll appreciate this.

        Pop culture nicknames

        1. Lady Bridgerton. Ooo, she fancy, huh? Throw some respect on that name with this posh Bridgerton reference.
        2. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. The immortal words of Phoebe Buffay will live on as your new nickname for your Friends-obsessed girlfriend.
        3. Two Boobs Johnson. Remember when Jess from New Girl was trying to come up with her stripper name and she landed on “Two Boobs Johnson”? This nickname works for any couples who love to laugh.
        4. Dragon Mother. For non-Game of Thrones fans, this one may not make any sense. But IYKYK. Mother may I!
        5. Ratatouille. The only thing cuter than a cartoon rat who loves to cook is your GF.
        6. Lobster. Another Friends reference, but this time it’s Phoebe’s knee-buckling-ly cute description of Ross and Rachel as mates for life. Awww.
        7. Mamma Mia. Next stop? Honeymoon in Greece.
        8. McDreamy. Yes, this Grey’s Anatomy nickname originated as a man’s name, but your GF is dreamy AF. Let her know!
        9. Bucket Hat. If she wears lots of bucket hats, this niche Emily in Paris reference is a major plus.
        10. Eggo. Adorable nickname on its own, but Stranger Things fans will swoon even harder.

          Random nicknames that are still v cute.

          1. Bubba. An upgrade on the classic “Babe” or “Baby.”
          2. Love bug. Bordering on cringey, but still super sweet.
          3. Honeybear. Father John Misty said it best: “‘Cause I loooove you, Honeybear.”
          4. DJ *insert name here*. Funny, flirty, and thriving.
          5. Bangs McGee. For when her bangs are bangin’.
          6. Doll. Doll face” is retro in a cringe way. “Doll” is retro in a sweet way.
          7. Stud. Yes, your GF is a total stud. Let her know.
          8. Hot mama. Best used with a tinge of irony.
          9. Pumpkin. Delicious and nutritious.
          10. Freestyle with it! Rhyme something with her name and then shorten it and rhyme something with that. DIY done right.

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