15 Non-Alcoholic Wines That'll Let Ya Sip Without the Hangover


Not all AF wines are created equal, especially if they’re made by stripping the alcohol from cheap bulk wine (ick). “What makes for a good non-alcoholic wine is something that doesn’t try hard to resemble wine to begin with,” says Cooper. “I know that sounds wild, but the best non-alcoholic wines contain some fruit flavor, but they don’t taste stale, bitter, or worse, metallic.”

So, unless you want to feel like you’re drinking a glass of Welch’s grape juice, you’re going to wanna consider a few things:

Look at the ingredients

The best alcohol-free wines tend to provide plenty of transparency when it comes to sourcing, so you’ll know where your grapes are coming from and whether they’re good quality (organically grown, hand-harvested, etc.). You’ll also wanna look at the additional ingredients used to add flavor and round out the body of the wine to make sure your drink isn’t packed with concentrated grapes, juice, and sugars. Speaking of which…

Consider the added sugars

If your NA wine tastes like juice, then chances are it has WAY too much added sugar. Unless you want your hangover to be replaced by a sugar crash, make sure your drink has minimal (or, ideally, no) added sugars, though small amounts of fruit juice, botanicals, aromatics, and sulfites (which are used to preserve wine) are totally okay.

Check out the alcohol content

Again, some non-alcoholic wines may contain trace amounts of alcohol, though they will never contain more than half a gram of alcohol per 100 grams. But if you want absolutely ZERO alcohol in your drink, then you’ll need to make sure it has 0 percent ABV, such as Grüvi’s AF wines and beers and Leitz’s Eins-Zwei-Zero wines.

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