15 Mediterranean Diet Desserts Perfect for Summer

Since the Mediterranean Diet doesn’t include a list of foods that you are forbidden to eat, that means dessert is always an option. Today we are sharing over 15 Mediterranean Diet Desserts and Sweet Treat ideas that are perfect for the summer.

Mediterranean Diet Inspired Sweets

One thing that we noticed right away when traveling to places like Greece, Italy and France is that they still find ways to work sweets into their diets.

There is definitely a time and a place for everything in moderation. All your favorite desserts can still be a part of your lifestyle, the key is to find balance and moderation.

The recipes we are sharing below are ideas for light and fresh Mediterranean Diet Desserts that focus on using lots of fruit and yogurt in place of candy, heavy desserts, etc.

Using Fruit in Desserts

One of my favorite types of dessert when visiting Greece years ago was simply grilled fruit topped with honey and yogurt. It was so simply but so naturally sweet and delicious.

These Greek Yogurt Bowls would be a great evening treat as well. So many different fruit, nuts and seed options to go on top of creamy greek yogurt.

Frozen, Mediterranean Diet Inspired Desserts

When it’s warm in the summer, sometimes nothing beats a frozen treat. Freezing yogurt with fruit is such an easy way to create some delicious desserts.

healthy popsicle recipes

Speaking of popsicles, we have an entire collection of 26 Healthy Popsicle Recipes that are perfect for summer.

Mini Sized Desserts

At a nice restaurant in France once, we were speaking with a local woman that said she ate dessert every single night. Her tip – just have a few bites or a mini version of your favorite treats.

We love the idea of indulging with a few bites, just enough to feel satisfied but not stuffed.

Berries and Whipped Cream

Probably one of my favorite summer snacks…sweet berries and homemade whipped cream. There are so many ways to dress up whipped cream or simply enjoy the classic version.

olive oil whipped cream recipe

One of my favorite ways to dress up whipping cream is to add a bit of almond extract and then top with slivered almonds and some chocolate shavings.

mediterranean diet dessert idea

Mediterranean Diet Desserts from Our Cookbook

We have an entire section of our cookbook, The Mediterranean Diet Made Easy, devoted to sweets.

Some of our favorite recipes from this chapter include –

  • Cantaloupe Sorbet
  • Grilled Strawberries with Yogurt
  • Olive Oil Cake
  • Affogado

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